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Statement from Kris Hurley - National Director

The SARAID team that deployed to Nepal arrived home safely yesterday and have now been stood down - with the exception of Josh, one of our engineers who remains in country as part of a joint international team supporting the National Government in carrying out structural assessments on damaged buildings (he will hopefully be home in the next couple of days).

As Team Leader for the deployment and National Director I would like to pass on my thanks on behalf of all the team for all the messages of support and well wishes placed on both Facebook and various other social media sites, I would also like to say a big thank you to all those involved in any form of fundraising/donating whilst we have been away - knowing that we had this much support meant a lot to the team whilst we were away.

I am extremely proud of all the hard work carried out by the team in such a professional manner and we look forward to working again in the near future with our close friends at @Fire Germany. Our thoughts and prayers remain with the people of Nepal especially those that have lost loved ones or friends.

Mr Kris Hurley National Director

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