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Thank you St Thomas Becket Catholic Primary School

The SARAID team would like to thank all the Staff and Pupils of St Thomas Becket Catholic Primary School, London for their support and generosity  to the team.

They have adopted SARAID as their charity  for the year and have raised £1325 for us by holding a number of fund-raising events which included:

A Talent show highlighting the skills and talent so many  of the staff and pupils  A playground bake sales selling cakes, bun, cup cakes and donuts which  was a complete sell out !  A Sponsored spelling competition which was very  successful due to the hard work and effort of the children learning and remembering the challenging words they had been given to spell   Finally  they  held a toy  sale, with  each class in the school having a table to sell toys from and of course, the chance to buy  new toys for themselves

We'd like to reassure our friends at St Thomas Becket that the money  you have donated will be put to  use ensuring we can help those people who  need assistance during times of disaster . 

Thank you  for your support.

Kris Hurley, Operations Director, SARAID

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