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Membership Declaration

Data protection: I understand that my details will be maintained by SARAID on computer for its administration use only and that my signature below confirms that this is entirely acceptable to me. I understand that they will be held securely and not passed to anyone externally of SARAID, I am also aware that I may rescind this authority at any time. I understand that should any of my personal details change, that I should notify the Membership Officer immediately so that my personal records can be updated and that failure to do so may result in me not being notified of and/or being selected for an Operational Deployment

Conduct: I agree to abide by SARAID’s Constitution and codes of conduct and understand that any misconduct deemed inappropriate will result in my membership being reviewed or rescinded.

“As this post meets the requirements in respect of exempted questions under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974, all applicants who are offered membership will be subject to a Criminal Records Check from the Criminal Records Bureau before the membership is confirmed. This will include details of cautions, reprimands or final warnings as well as convictions. All current members will be subject to a Criminal Records Check in order to have their membership renewed (CRB Checks valid for 3 Years) ”.

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